Customer Spotlight: Patrick Perrotto

Dawn of Thyme Gluten-Free Meals Customer Spotlight: Patrick Perrotto

Patrick and his wife have transformed their life by making the shift away from sugars, focusing on real foods and exercising regularly. Dropping nearly 80 pounds, his story is one to surely inspire you!

We hope that by sharing these unique stories and how Dawn of Thyme meals make a difference in their lives, it will inspire you, too. Have a story to share? Let us know, we’d love to feature you next!

Customer Spotlight: Patrick Perrotto1. Tell us about yourself.

I am self-employed as a freelance director of photography and camera operator for TV and film. I am also a serious fisherman focusing on surfcasting for striped bass across the Northeast.

Over the past year and a half, my wife, Christine and I have undergone a transformation towards a healthier lifestyle.

We have made the shift to eating real foods with by eliminating added sugar and focusing on a high fat low carb diet, and trying to be active 3-5 days per week. Since 2016, I have completely changed my life style, and with the help of Ocean Cross Fit, I have dropped close to 80 lbs and reset my blood biomarkers, while my wife has dropped 50lbs.

2. Walk us through a typical day in your life.

On a typical day, I wake up early by 5am and get a work out in at Ocean Cross Fit. The rest of the day is spent on some aspect of my business. I am either out shooting a project or working in my home office. On days when freelance work is light, I work as a professional lawn cutter and landscaper.

3. How has eating DOT regularly helped you with regards to your goals.

Customer Spotlight: Patrick PerrottoThe initial change to a “paleo” lifestyle was difficult and for someone who is used to being on the go. It was easy to rely on take-out food. The adjustment to home cooking especially meal prep was a challenge. I have learned to enjoy cooking and my wife has become quite the paleo baker. When I have the time to prep food for the week or cook dinners large enough for left overs, getting good nutrition is easy. Because I am self-employed, and the nature of the my line of work often times I work crazy hours.

Dawn of Thyme has eliminated some of the burden of meal prepping.

I know I will always get to the gym, and I can count on the weekly deliveries.

I have tried other Paleo meal services, and I have to say that Dawn of Thyme is the best tasting most constant menu out there, and I know I am eating grass fed meets and healthy ingredients.

4. What’s your favorite DOT meal?

My wife loves the chicken arugula burger, but my favorite meal is the beef brisket tacos. I have a guilty pleasure for brisket and bbq style meats. After a long day and it’s time for a late-night meal. I look forward to getting home to the Dawn of Thyme.

We can both agree that our guiltless pleasure is the breakfast wrap. It’s a such a tasty easy to eat meal on the go. Often times we are fighting over the last one in the fridge.

We also enjoy the BBQ sauce and use it in our own recipes like chicken and pulled pork.

Customer Spotlight: Patrick Perrotto5. Describe DOT meals in 3 words or less.

Consistent, Convenient, Safe

6. What’s something people may be surprised to learn about you.

I am obsessed with striped bass fishing. I fish in some of the Northeast’s most difficult locations in search of large striped bass. Eating healthy and staying active helps me to endure long hikes over rocky terrain, and to endure weather and the surf late into the night. Most of my fishing happens in the middle of the night in remote locations and requires battling the surf zone in a wetsuit.

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